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Love Island: A Social Experiment

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It's that time of year again where people are getting ready for the summer, buying floral print and sacrificing any and all plans around 9pm. I have to admit even I have got caught up in Love Island fever, making time in my day to keep up to date on the episodes with iTv Hub. However, the program itself has brought several unsettling issues to light.

Mental Health Awareness: It Looks Like

The week is now over and a new week has begun but the 14th - 20th of May is as poignant as it ever was. In a world where zero hour contracts and never being able to buy a house are an alarming possibility, it is important to take care of our mental health, not just over the week past.

I myself have occasional bouts of anxiety, probably starting around age 11 which I remember as being either manic bursts of energy that seemed to confuse people around me, or wanting to hide away from the world, being unnecessarily vicious and hiding myself in clothes several times my size.

It's so important to take care of yourself nowadays because our compromised mental health exhibits itself in various different ways that we may or may not notice.

It looks like not showering for days because what’s the point, I’ve got nowhere to be. Personal care can take such a hit that when you finally brush your teeth, you feel as if you just climbed Mount Everest barefoot.

It looks like having a nice, deathly palour due to lack of Vitamin D because your idea of going outside is cracking the curtains for 0.2 seconds before retreating back into the dark.

It looks like self imposed isolation because why would anyone want to hang out with someone who can’t get their act together.

It looks like over stimulation when you do interact with a loved one, leaving you over-emotional and tense even because you're not used to the rush of endorphins you get from positive engagement.

It looks like not recognising yourself in the mirror because you’ve given up on yourself for so long that your body has gone into survival mode and no longer has energy to make your eyes sparkle or hair shine.

Knowing yourself and knowing when you need a time out is so important. You don't need to be world famous by the time you turn 25. You just need to be happy with yourself. 

Why We Forgive Our Selfish Friends/Exes

I look at his photos on Instagram sometimes. Sometimes it's on purpose, but most of the times it isn't We floated in the same circles when I was 17 and some of his friends became my friends and my friends his. It's safe to say we would always kind of be connected to each other.

I can see his face when I'm on insta and not feel that little burning bubble of hatred that used to weigh me down for days on end when someone even breathed his name. I guess you could call that character development.

It's funny how you can go from having someone be a staple in your life and being unable to cope with the possibility of them never being in your life when really it's nothing like that at all. People are more like avocados than water. You don't need avocados to survive.

But how does someone get to that point of feeling not even a niggle of emotion towards a person who played such a pinnacle role in their development as a human being? I had many emotions about him, not all positive. Thanks to this time period of my life, I have many negative traits. I'm quite to anger, I'm loud and I can be vindictive. I am also highly aware of my value as a person and will let very few people take advantage of me.

We are all, however, victims of time and as time goes on we feel everything less intensely than we did before. This in itself is a bit of a faux pas because it leaves us vulnerable to abuse yet again. No one wants to believe that someone is inherently a bad person but our forgiveness can sometimes leave us open to it again.

But it is a blessing. Forgiveness. And if anything, forgiveness is more for us than the one who desires it. When we forgive, we take time to look back at what was done to us and we forgive ourselves for 'allowing''it to happen. We forgive ourselves for letting that person in because it is part of the beauty of us, we are warm and kind and we choose to see the light in people who only see the darkness in themselves.

So would I be in the place to meet up with said person and be happy? No way in hell. Do I still want them to burn in the flames of hell? Not so much.